If you are wanting to have the most energy efficient insulation system for spas, you can buy this kit and install it yourself.
Or you can hire a professional to install it.  It only works on non full foam spas.  The cabinet must have air space between the outer frames and the shell. It works with some foam on the shell or without. 

The Kit comes in Two sizes. 

One for the 93 inch size spas and one for the 83 inch spas. 
You can cut the parts to fit smaller spas as needed.  For custom size spas contact us for pricing.

93 inch kit is $875.00  ( over a period of 5 years you will
save $317 to $420 per year in electricity

over a partially insulated spa = $1585 to $2100)

83 inch kit is $807.00 (over a period of 5 years you will save $290 to $380 per year in electricity
over a partially insulated spa = $1450 to $1900 Energy savings.)

For wooden Hot Tubs you need the Haven double wall designed wood tub. 

Kit includes:
  • High R value high density PIR Foil Foam Foil insulation boards covers the entire inside of the spa cabinet, all sides and bottom.
  • Two sets of thermal Foil Foam Foil inner and outer air chamber flex material.
  • High density spray foam to seal all air  leaks.
  • Plastic sheeting 4 mil to cover entire cabinet and seal it.
  • DAIT controller with external and internal sensors.
  • DAIT power supply
  • DAIT Vent System for summer time.
  • Wires and wire ties for installation.

Every thing is plug and play, except you will need a 120mm hole saw or be able to use a jig saw to cut the vent hole in the cabinet.  Normally requires spa owner with moderate skills using hand tools and hand held power saws, or you can use a non powered hand saw: A DIY type of spa owner. 
You will need a 120v or 230/240 V electrical connection on your spa to run the DAIT power supply.   If you have an existing connector send us a photo of it and we will make the DAIT connector work on it. It must supply constant voltage and not be switched by the spa's control system.