Cost to own, versus price over 7 years average for 83x83x36 inch spa, six person spa.
Spa Model and basic Power
 Haven Spa Shorewood SE One pump and Turbo 34 jets; ozone, full size circulation pump 35 GPM and HavenSpas method of water care. DAIT level II
Look at what we do.
Competitor "Top Brand" Two 2HP Pumps 34 Jets Tiny Circ pump full foam, with diverter first plumbing ; ozone and their system of maintaining the water.  This is the most popular brand of hot tub and has most every design issue I think is just stupid.  From the control box, insulation, plumbing and cheap shells.  Only uninformed and emotionally controlled people fall for this.
Cumulative over costs of "Top Brand" vs. Haven
Purchase Price and model total HP (average sale price) 5.5 HP $10,000 includes shipping to you. This is a REAL therapy spa with powerful jets.
5 HP $11,000 delivery extra. Weak therapy, but as close as I can find from their line up.
$1000 +
Electric usage FOR REAL 10 cents per KWH Daily cost to maintain: cover on all the time, heating filtering keeping water above 102 degrees F.
Average temperature‎: ‎50.15°F
Annual high temperature‎: ‎64°F
Annual low temperature‎: ‎36.3°F
 4,5KWH  (45 cents per day)
7 years  4.5 x 365 x 7 = 11,497 KWH for 7 years = $1149.75

$13.69 / Month

If you think your Haven spas is costing too much on electricity, we will send you an energy meter to put on your spa.
8.06 KW H per day.  (80.6 cents per day) This is the closest competitor to our energy use. In actual independent studies in Germany. Interpolated for Denver Co, and very optimistic: READ)  7 years  8.06 KWH x 365 x 7 = 20593.3 KWH for 7 years $2059.33

$24.52 / Month
Most people are afraid to keep track of the usage, because they don't want to be made into fools.
Cost for energy use with cover off and using pumps for 20 min each pump.  4 times a week, with two normally clean people,  for 7 years.  30 min total use.
1.227 KWH 83% of heat energy conserved.  Heat of motors goes directly into water.  4 KW Electric heater runs for 17% of time cover is off.  (Don't need 6000 watts when spa pumps are also heating the water.)
17% of 2 KWH (half hour use) = 0.340 watts of actual heater use. 1.227 KWH + .340 KWH = 1.567 KWH for each use. of the most energy efficient spa on earth. $0.1557 cents per use
times 365 x 7 years = 397.73
 851.66 hours of water pump usage.m
(From actual meter tests on our current customer's spas)
1.073  all heat energy is lost as the pump is isolate from water by foam.  Electric heater is running for 90% of time cover is off.  30 min 6,000 watt heater = 3 KWH = 1.073 = 4,073 KW per use. 
$0.4073 times 365 x 7 = $1040.65

1703.33 hours of water pump usage.
Fully foamed spas use ONLY electric resistance heat to heat the water, and minuscule amount of mechanical heat from compressing some air in the water to increase heat.  It is an archaic design, solely for the purpose of making the spa much cheaper and much more profits.

I am giving PERFECT conditions on this spa and data from the makers, and most people pay on average $50 per month in summer and $100 in winter.  I hate these spas for lying to people and making my job harder, because people get "the word out" on hot tubs. Our numbers are from TESTING in the field.
Cost for maintenance.
Our system of ions, ozone, chlorine, non chlorine shock, alkalinity up.  Clean filters once a month deep clean twice a year.
Total Chemicals 7 years = $2314.59  (330.65 per year)
Ozone $22.5 per year. =157.5 / 7 years.

Their system silver cartridge shock clorine and many products used to remove oils, and debris from the water.  Their filtering is horrible, so they cost more to keep clean going.  I have had many of their customers come into our store (when we had one, now all on the "Net") telling me how much they love their spas, but they "cannot keep the water clean". So we sold them a lot of stuff to help and we showed them how to improve the filtering by RUNNING THE JET PUMPS EXTRA to bring more debris to the filter.
Total Chemical costs. Just the filter cost on a two pump spa from this company is $675 per year according to the recommended replacements times from the factory. 
9625.00 for 7 years of use according to manufacturer's recommendations and cost for supplies and chemicals.

Repairs for Parts with today's warrantys
$00.00  Unless you destroy something by incorrect use.
5 years of parts.
2 years of repairs.  $900.00 Min. (Clue: Exclusive VERY expensive parts and it gets VERY expensive when they leak, over $3000 for one leak in a full foam spa, these days.)
Repairs for Labor out of warranty 5 years now.
On average.  $50 per year across the country.  With over 2000 spas now in the world and almost no warranty.  Many of our spas over 12 years old are still running on original equipment (by design). 
$400 MINIMUM for two years after warranty is over.   I recommend you have the spa modified after the warranty is over, so you can save some money on chemicals at least.

 HERE'S The TOTAL savings difference between Haven and brand X, the number one selling hot tub.  Basically, buying a Haven Spas is the same as getting the spa for free, just on the cost savings over time. 
People think this is some sort of exaggeration, but these numbers are VERY optimistic in favor of the major competitor's spas.  For instance one freeze damage to this spa, and they are VERY prone to freezing if the thing stops in winter, costs over $2500 bucks now to fix.  And one leak over time is over $3000 for the dealer to fix. They don't fix them in the field, because if you see how crappy the spa is made you would be very negative towards them and tell your neighbors never to buy one.  Here is a Video of one of the best spa repair guys on Youtube fixing one of these leakers in his shop.  Normally, if there is one leak there are two or three in this type of poor quality plumbing.  This guy has a fix for this out of date style of fittings used on these spas.  Notice how he starts out, his first statements. 

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