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Havenmade Inc.
has the finest Cedar and Redwood Hot Tubs. 
Call today for information and see how straightforward and fun building your Redwood or Cedar Hot tub kit can be.

To finish these kits, we offer a variety of jetting/heating/filtering/cover packages for you, at a tremendous discount. You can have the tub as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Just tell us what you want and we will put together a complete package of all the components.

These tubs are made form some of the most beautful wood you'll  ever see.

Call for a quote:  Our crew can stop by and install your wood tub for you anywhere in the US, or you can build it yourself.

Havenmade  Inc. Broomfield, CO 80023.  Toll free 1-888-478-2224

Each Hot Tub is constructed from the finest Northern West Coast Cedar available:  Clear all vertical grain and kiln dried.  Each tub includes four galvanized steel rods (bands), lugs, nuts, cedar floor joists and complete assembly instructions.

Round Tubs
Diameter X Height

4Ft dia X 4Ft   325Gal     $1898
5Ft dia X 4Ft   425Gal     $2475
6Ft dia X 4Ft   725Gal     $2998
7Ft dia X 4Ft  1000Gal     $3593
8Ft dia X 4Ft  1300Gal     $4725

Oval Tubs
Length X Width X Height

5Ft(L) X 3Ft(W) X 2.5Ft(H)  175Gal  $2138
5Ft(L) X 4Ft(W) X 4Ft(H)    350Gal  $2558
6Ft(L) X 4.5Ft(W) X 4Ft(H)  550Gal  $3128
7Ft(L) X 5Ft(W) X 4Ft(H)    725Gal  $3713
8Ft(L) X 6Ft(W) X 4Ft(H)   1000Gal  $4245

*Clear Heart Redwood available.  Prices on request.

Seats;  Solid Bench Type, overlapping.
Includes blocks and stainless steel screws.
Standard seat is 11 inches wide.
Four seats needed to encircle the entire inside of tub.  We recommend two or three.

Round Tubs to 6 Ft.   $120 Ea.
Round Tubs over 6 Ft  $150 Ea.
Oval Short Seats (all sizes)  $120 Ea.
Oval Long Seats ( all sizes)  $165
Prices 9/12/07 update.
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