Ozone Generator

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In this photo is one of the most popular ozone generators in the USA for reliability and function.                     BACK to Shopping

However, we have found that people don't understand how ozone generators work with spas and as a result they often don't understand some
simple concepts on ozone function in spas.

1/ Ozone generators found in most spas do not pump ozone, rather the ozone is drawn in by a vacuum created in the spa.
  • This vacuum is either created by an "ozone jet" or an "ozone venturi injector" 
  • Ozone is a gas created when the air is drawn into the ozone chamber and converted to ozone.
  • Ozone is O3 which is a natural oxidizer containing 3 atoms of oxygen.  It helps with most any type of sanitizer to remove bacteria, and organic waste; to purify the water. 
  • A simple test to see if the suction is working it to have the pump running and the tubing open, listen and hear the suction. Then put a drop of water on the hose and if it is drawn in there is enough suction.

2/ Many people do not realize when the bubbles stop in the water, is not the ozone generator but rather it is in the spas ability to cause the vacuum, and if you hook up the ozone generator, turn it on and don't have air movement you can shorten the life of the ozone generator, as well has have no ozone in your spa.

  • If the ozone is not making bubbles it normally has nothing to do with the JED 103 that we offer. 
  • You need to find out why the bubbles have stopped before continuing.

3/ It is always a simple problem when the bubbles stop. 

  • It can be that the ozone jet or injector has debris in it or is calcified. 
  • An ozone jet or injector can be easily blocked by calcium that is precipitated from the water.  If, for example, you use any of the liquid pH balancers that remove calcium from the water, often times it will drop out calcium on jets and injectors to block them.  (This is why we don't recommend the or sell them. In our opinion these balancers are bad for equipment, from doing service for over 20 years.)
  • For ozone jets you may have to remove it or stop using liquid pH balancers and use pH Haven from the shopping cart. Then start using "Defender" in higher doses to see if you can dissolve the calcium and get the bubbles going again. If not find a service company  to come and fix the ozone jet. If you have 3/4 inch tubing going to the ozone jet you can cut the tubing and install an injector in line and follow the instructions.  Be sure to block the old ozone tubing.
  • For ozone injectors, you can replace it or take it out and soak it in white vinegar over night and then look to see if the calcium is gone. See the replacement ozone injectors on the cart.
  • Last, but not least, if you install the ozone check valve backwards it will stop all ozone bubbles because it is a one way valve designed to block in one direction and allow in the other.  There is an indicator of the direction on the body of the valve.  It needs to have the arrow or "VAC" in the direction towards the injector or jet.  You can blow through it and see how it works. In one direction the air passes and the other you can't get air to go through it.  The body of the valve looks like an arrow and the letters VAC should point toward the hot tub and away from the ozone generator. BACK to Shopping

4/ Remember that ozone generators have a limited life of 2 to 5 years depending on the condition they are used in.  They are like a light bulb in that respect once they stop emitting ozone then they need to be replaced.  You can have bubbles but NO ozone in the air entering the spa. 

  • If you do not smell any ozone (a sweet smell similar to after an electric storm or lightening in the air), then take a look inside.  Normally you can unplug the ozone first then open it with a screwdriver and see a burned cartridge that is literally burned out.  Only do this if you feel at ease around electrical devices.
  • Take the tubing and blow into the ozone generator's hole and smell the blue tubing for ozone.  It's a bit awkward but it works to test it. BACK to Shopping