The Haven Spas all use rotating and mostly interchangeable jets and adjustable.  This allows a high degree of different types of massage and a totally adjustable spa. However, these jets do need some maintenance. As the jets are normally used, they will collect debris inside and the bearings that allow the jets to rotate.

1/ Types of jets.

All of the jets will occasionally need to be cleaned by removing the jets.  This is standard owner care.  The frequency of cleaning is dependent upon the amount of debris that enters the spa.   In some cases the jets will be extremely difficult to turn if there is a lot of debris in the jet body.  If you  notice a difficulty turning the jet, that is a clue that it needs to be cleaned.  If the rotational jets do not rotate, that is a sign that debris or organic oils has gotten into the jet bearings.

If you live in a sandy, dusty environment, sand can actually get inside the jets.  Sometimes the sand will get behind the jet inserts and become abrasive, creating ridges in the plastic bodies.  In that case the jets need to be removed, smoothed by using fine grit (300 grit) sand paper.  The sand will cause small ridges in the plastic and actually drag inside the jets.  We recommend that you put in mats to clean feet before entering the spa to wife feet on.

If the bearings are no longer rotating, then the jets need to be cleaned in a solution of automatic dish soap, one cup in 5 gallons.  Agitate the jet inserts in the solution and spin the jet nozzles manually.  Spray the jets with a sink nozzle or under the faucet and rinse the soap out of the jets.  Spraying throughout the nozzle front to back will help flush out debris.  When the jet spin freely, put them back in the spa.

Occasionally a jet will break free of the jet body.  This can be from a broken jet or the insert holding ring is defective.  In this case contact us for a free replacement under the terms of the warranty.  The insert holding ring is an easy thing to replace,  Simply remove the two stainless steel, phillips, screws and replace with a new ring. If you have already had the replacement jets, and you have broken jets again, I suggest the you learn to use them, remove them and clean them correctly so you don't damage them.  It is simple.  Be gentile..They are plastic parts and will last a long time with care.

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