Showing the filter area.  The latest filter has been changed from this.  It has the same square footage, but allows easier access.

Notice the leg air injectors and turbo air water jets!  The light is kept up high in the spa so that you can actually change the light bulb, without having to call a service technician.

I can remember many times on those Sundance and Marquis spas having to make a tool in order to reach into the foot well and remove the light bulb.  I discovered that a broom handle with a "v" cut into it with duct tape, sticky side out, works quite well.  However, you don't need any special anything to change the light bulb in a Haven Spa.  You open the door and there it is!  What a novel idea.  A light that actually illuminates the spa, instead of the foot well!  And you can change your own light bulb without having to call a service technician.

The filter area makes a great table to serve from.

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