There is no finer redwood skirt made today.  

I do not understand this trend towards cheap plastic that fades in the sun.  This is the finest looking redwood cabinet in the spa industry.  It lasts a long time if you just slop on some stain once a year.
The secret to long lasting wood is to not listen to spa sales people who know nothing about wood stains. Use only Super Deck stain and it will stay beautiful for 20 years.  After 10 years we recommend to
use a cleaner, and a bit of sanding and start over with fresh stain. ( After 10 years with bleached out warped plastic all you can do is paint it and that looks very poor.)  Our spas are made to last and they will outlast any other brand of spa by the design and construction methods we use.

Isn't this very nice to look at?

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