When you missed something in the instructions, and the water goes sour, you need to get the spa back to a sanitary condition then start over.  It is impossible to get the
spa under control if you have biofilm bacteria in the plumbing and filters.

If the water will not stay clear with standard care, then you have developed biofilm inside the plumbing.  It is bacteria colonies that have a self protetive coating. 
You have to burn out all of that with strong chlorine treatment.


1/ Remove the filters and place in a bucket of filter cleanse overnight then soak in bleach (1/4 cup per gallon of water) the next day.
Do not put the filters back in until you have done the remaining steps.

2/ Drain the spa and refil.

3/ Get the pH to 7.4

4/ Put in one cup of Chlorine concentrate per 400 gallons (1/2 for small spas 180 to 200 gallons), and set the spa for two long fitlter cycles.  Run the air pump and the jet pumps  at least three to five times during this clean out period for at least 10 minutes each run.

5/ After 24 hours put in 10 tablespoons of non chlorine shock and run for one hour.  Be sure to run the jets on high and the blower  at least one cycle.
Run for one hour then...... Add the amount of Spa Flush either or Jet Clean

6/ Drain, refil, and put the clean and sanitized  filters in.  Follow the instructions exactly and if you have any questions about any part of the water care, contact us.

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