The Taylor Calcium Test

Using the large vial fill water sample to 25 ML.

Add 20 Drops R0010... swirl to mix.

Add 5 Drops R0011... swirl to mix.

Add one drop at a time of R0012. Count each drop until it goes from red to blue. Multiply by 10 for PPM.

If the test is blue already you have no calcium. This almost never happens.

To adjust, use LT Calcium booster.

Example: If test is 70PPM, you are low by 130PPM because we want 200PPM,

Divide the 130 PPM by 7 PPM because the CA booster raises the CA 7PPM per ounce for 500 gallons.

That = 18.57 liquid ounces for a 500 gallon spa.

If your spa is 370 gallons, ratio it by 370/500 = .74.

So .74 times 18.57 gives 13.74 liquid ounces for your particular spa at 370 gallons.

If your calcium is above 350PPM we recommend mixing it with softer water.

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