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Message started by HavenMade Administrator on Aug 3rd, 2011 at 2:13am

Title: Re: The condition of the spa industry. Lemonade from Lemons!
Post by HavenMade Administrator on Aug 3rd, 2011 at 2:13am

deepak patel wrote on Aug 3rd, 2011 at 1:55am:
Great images.

Spa Therapy is different than what is seen now in (other than Haven) spas.

The major muscles in your back need to be kneaded and massaged. The proper pressure, size of jet nozzel and proper type of rotational jets need to be used.  The lactic acids need to be flushed from the muscle tissue after exercise. and with older, people, or people who only get exercise once a day or less, when you exercise the next day you are in pain if you don't get proper therapy in a spa or hot tub (or from a professional massage therapist).

In the modern world of computers, stress, and very intermittant exercise, the muscles do not have the fitness, nor the abilty to refresh themselves by moving out the acids created from exercise.  Hot tubs are the answer to that issue.

However the massage must be correct to get full therapy.  There are very few spas that have proper designed jet patterns for this. 

Neck tension is best removed with the smaller sized "neck blasters".  We have had this feature longer than any other company, and have perfected the use of these jets, the position of them and the angle to the upper neck is nearly perfect in our spas. 

And in our spas you can have the jets your way. We now have several "a-la-carte" jets you can order as upgrades from our standard models.

When people come into our showroom here in Europe where the Haven Spas are now made, they get into our "basic" model, and without exception say: "This spa is stronger in therapy than any of the competitors we have tried".

Then they try the "fully loaded" model of the same spa to experience the options which are all added to that spa.  They are then blown completely away. They had "no idea that a spa could do that".

Proper jet type and proper pressure is very important. And sometimes it does hurt a little to go in on sore spots that need special therapy to release the tension. This is well known in massage therapy methods of Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure and all the body/ mind health methods.

I was trained in Polarity Therapy, and had a practice in Southern California.  I now use that knowledge to design jet patterns and to apply pressure to certain parts of the body correctly and with almost infinite variable pressures available to the spa user. 

No other company has this. Because they do not have the knowledge.   8-)

I feel sad for people who buy any other spa, because I know for a fact that ours are made better and have the therapy that all people really need.  It is a shame that other spa sales people and dealers do not have what we have, and we have offered them a franchise of our products.

Title: Re: The condition of the spa industry. Lemonade from Lemons!
Post by HavenMade Administrator on Jun 6th, 2013 at 2:38pm
Check out the new information on our Dutch built spas!


Title: Re: The condition of the spa industry. Lemonade from Lemons!
Post by HavenMade Administrator on May 16th, 2016 at 3:37pm
Hot Spunge Spas new and truthful advertising. 

Low End Enjoyment - Our wide variety of cheaply made jets and jet systems allow you to customize your weak poor hot tub hydromassage experience. Sooth your senses with our tranquil and relaxing water, light , and music features. It is tranquil because we don't have any jet pressure.

Short Endurance - Our hot tubs are engineered and built for the realities of daily use. We use the cheapest  quality materials and state-of-the-art components from 1986 when we stopped our engineers from speaking.

Cheap Ease - We combine CHEAP technology with awkward controls. And we design our spas with the understanding that you'd like to spend time trying to figure out how to get the jets on in the seat you are in.  That is because we put in cheap pumps, then split the flow three ways so that you get 1/3 of a spa for the price of a real spa.

Energy Efficiency (whatever that means?) - The nation's leading independent scientific and engineering firm conducted carefully concocted tests that have no basis in reality.  We used a spa that has a weak heater and poor jet pressure inside a box with no actual people using the spa.  We figure that consumers are ignorant about scientific truths.  By removing all the in the field parameters from the experiment we can concoct data that looks better.

Confidence (false sense of security) - You can relax in the knowledge that you bought the cheapest  spa we can make the most profits with. Because we feed the uniformed consumer so much BS, no wonder over 600,000 suckers have made Hot Spunge ;D the number one selling brand of portable hot tub.

Title: Re: The condition of the spa industry. Lemonade from Lemons!
Post by HavenMade Administrator on May 22nd, 2017 at 5:59pm
Haven Spas still after all this time, we have no competition

We beat out ever production portable spa, hot tub, on every aspect  of function.

1. The most energy efficient design ever created.  With our 7 layers of foil-foam-foil-air chamber, and completetly air tight cabinet chamber. There is nothing that even comes close to the energy efficiency.  In Holland we "give" an energy meter with each spa.  It is able to keep track of energy use of ever spa and now you can track it online. 

How many spa companies give an energy meter to test the actual electrical consumption of your spa? 
Answer; 1.  If you want this meter in the U.S.A. it is extra.  Simply because you can buy it here in the US for less.

2.  By our specailly designed plumbing system and using actual engineering on the plumbing we now get close to the same amounts of water flow and pressure as a 1 Hp more.  For instance we only use the 4 HP pumps now, because we don't need 5 Hp any more to achieve intense therapy.  While others are still forcing water into too small of plumbing pipe, and too many Tee's and Elbows, we eleminate all Tees and 90 DEG standard elbows and only us smooth flow. 

3/ Longevity.   Every aspect of design allows for efficient use of equipent and never taxes any part.  It is called overkill.  No equipment, nor plumbing part is stressed as is common in "standard" spas.

4/ Ergonomics.  It is simple, make the spas around human use.    Our phylosophy is that function comes first, and form follows function.  Comfort and form go together.   

When I look at the stuff of other brands, I see no place for feet in the foot well.  It is called a foot well so that you can put as many feet as you have seats.  I see confined convolutions in other spas that eleminate ease of movenment. 

In Haven Spas we make sure the spas are enjoyable and functional, design is secondary.  When you want to set up on the edge of the spa to cool down and not have to get out completely as in most spas, we have that.  Larger flat areas allow comfort to sit obove water.  Rounded, as in stupid designs, does not allow any comfortable seating on the top lip of the acrylic.  There is a lot more about this as I have discussed for many years.  No loose filter lids to break and cause harm to people when they slipe out and people sit on them, "by accident", because there is no other place to sit.  Our seating is designed to fit the maximum number of different body types with comfort.


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