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Message started by HavenMade Administrator on Nov 6th, 2011 at 6:30am

Title: Registration on this Forum
Post by HavenMade Administrator on Nov 6th, 2011 at 6:30am
You have to email jim@havenmade.com in order to have the administration register you on the forum.

We have been getting about 80 spammer's a day trying to register and put their irrelevant spam on the forum.   I don't feel the need to deal with that. Open registration means I have to remove spammers all day.  And I don't have time for that.

When you write, you must state your board name you want to use, any name is fine.  You will get a return email in with your password which you can change for your private security.

If you work for a hot tub spa,pool, guitar, or any related company, is OK and can become registered. We appreciate your input, but just follow our guidelines.

This is the most friendly forum for spa shoppers and spa owners with the most educated and most experienced spa professionals operating this site.  We do not like to have spa sales people with no engineering knowledge post sales pitches for products. If you don't know what you are talking about and pretend to be a spa professional, then you will be blocked.  Primarily this is about spa ownership, the spa industry information, and about helping people out of the mire of confusion found in the hype and nonsense.

What HavenMade is all about is educating the consumer on spas and spa designs so you can make an educated choice.  This is far better than being at the mercy of sales people.

Any and all information on spa design that we offer can easily be verified and scientifically shown to be factual. This is the reason why our products are in the field many with 19 years and having their first problems needing new parts.

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