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Title: Politics today.
Post by HavenMade Administrator on Oct 20th, 2012 at 9:47am

Title: Re: Politics today.
Post by HavenMade Administrator on Dec 9th, 2012 at 11:56am
According to Russia News, the US is becoming like old 1900 to 1980's Russia and Russia is becoming more like the old USA, preferring to prosper and eat.  Russians have figured out that socialism, liberalism, and communism does not work.  It is a horrible lesson to have so many people suffer and die from this socialism disease.
It creates hunger, diseases, poverty and lazy people.

My friend from eastern Europe told me that people started stealing in order to have anything and they justified it by saying that it is theirs (communal property) anyway.
Also he stated that nobody wanted to work hard, because there was no reason to try. No benefits for doing a better job than the worst and most lazy workers.  They all got the same crap low wage that barely kept them from revolting, but they could not revolt because the government took away all the guns from the public in the name of public safety.  (Sound familiar?) The grocery store shelves were often empty of even bread or wheat to make bread, he told me.  The people who ate were farmers and they had to hide food from others in order to eat.

The US is destroying itself from the inside by all this really stupid nonsense that has never worked anytime in history that it has been tried. All it does is create a small group of rich elites in control and masses of poverty.

But young people are stupid and they think their "situation" is different and that their "people" are different.   Creating a whole society on the "dole" is the actual definition of socialism and liberal thinking.   It also seems to create a rise in genetic diseases and STD's.

The US has had a rise of 200% in STD's in the last 10 years.  That is higher than anytime in history of any country.  This is direct evidence of what demoralization does to a country.

The Czech republic has the highest rise in cancer of any country on earth and it just got out of the Commie trap a few years ago.

The UK has been on this program for decades and it has the highest rise in cancer of any "affluent" country over the shortest time.  Female cancer in the UK has risen 140% in less than 34 years.  Liberalism, political correctness is destructive to humanity in so many ways.  All the data is there, but no body cares. The idea of having "big brother" pay you for doing nothing seems to be the "modern" American ideology. 
First you  create a demoralized society, make the government into the new "god".  Then you create a society of massive voters on the dole or in need of social services to vote for your communist ideas, then you get elected. By vote from this mass of less productive people and blame someone else on their plight and go after them, like the Commies use the "rich" during the Russian revolution or the Nazis who blamed the Jews for all their economic problems.   Now it is the corporations who provide jobs are the fictional "enemy".   A good way to destroy a country and take over.  It has always worked in the past.
This is exactly the situation, now in the US. Next is the dictator takes over.
Remember that Hitler was elected by popular vote.

I say, learn from other's (Russia's, China's, Germany and all the ex communists/socialists) mistakes, because you will not live long enough to make them all yourself.  Hunger is not fun. Watching your children suffer from diseases and not have medical help is common in socialist and communist countries. 

But if you keep voting for socialists you will be hungry and you may have to learn a new language.   How's your Aramaic or Russian?  How about a new "religion" forced on you like Islam?  (or death is the option).

Here is a good video that describes this process going on in the US right now.
First you demoralize (destroy the cultural religions give rise to atheism using commie shills as professors), then create a polarization of "poor vs rich", destabilize the economy and cause a depression. Then you weaken and destroy their military funding and take over.  The USA is ripe for a dictator of elite rich bastards controlling everything you do. We are half way there, but it could fall apart very fast. That is why there is NO plan to save our economy, but only to wait for it to collapse so the dictators can take over.

I just thought you all should know WTF is going on.  Most of you won't believe me, but there are some who know what I am saying is true.  Those who lived in Commie East Europe, and those who escaped from oppression.  The entire population of Germany was on Hitler's side, because he was the "savior" of Germany.


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