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Crusing the internet about Haven Spas and Reviews (Read 3639 times)
May 4th, 2012 at 4:37am

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What is interesting is the post that follows the raves about our product.

I made the mistake of trying to help people in a "high horse" way.

I was absolutely right in what I did and somebody needed to do this to save lives, but when you  are dealing with people who have no techinical understanding of anything, and all they could see was an attack on their income, you  get people who attack you, tell lies about you, as a means to protect their choices and not deal with reality.

I turned in the largest spa manufacturer for violations of the UL  ANSI ( American National Standards Institute) safety standards.

As a result they lost their UL listing and they were forces to fix the safety issues with their spas.

For that I am hated by spa salespeople all over the earth.
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