No matter what is posted here, your local building official has jurisdiction over the local requirements in the locality (city/county) where you are placing the spa.
 If you are not well versed in electrical installations, please get a licensed electrician to do the work.  Permits are required in many places.

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Super Custom Magnum Spa:   Requires two GFCI protected services 1/ 30 AMP four wire, and 1/ 40 AMP three wire.  Both serivices can be run in a 1 inch or 1.25 conduit.  Please have your electrician contact me after you purchase for the exact ways to do this.  You can opt for two 40 amp, GFCI protected, services to allow full heater use with all equipment running. 

The electrical requirements for our spas high performance spas and the SE models:

Springville, Watertown, Paramount Fallsburg,  Fallsburg, Brookfield, Paramount Lakeshore, Lakeshore, Meadowbrook Gold, Glenwood Gold, Shorewood Gold, Pinecove, Harbor Gold, Riverdale Gold, Silvercreek Gold, Moonbay Gold.  Any of the Vista Gold, SE models, or Paramount models

Recommended is 60 Amp, GFCI protected, service  240V   4-wire system, 2-hots, 1- neutral, 1-ground.
The  ground can be number 8 gauge copper in conduit.
The two hot's need to be  number 6 gauge copper.
Neutral number 6 gauge copper.
The rating on the wire is THHN/THWN

If you run over 75 feet of wire go to the next size up on the power leads for voltage loss over the distance of the run. There is resistance in copper wire or any wire.

(Some of these spas can also be fitted to run on 50 amps with some restrictions on the heater use.)

The One water pump models with one air pump.
Glenwood Eclipse, Shorewood Silver, Riverdale Provence or Eclipse, Harbor Silver, Freeport, Cascade, Waterford, Moonbay. Most of the Eclipse and Provence models.
(The Provence and Eclipse Gold models require 60 Amps as shown above.)

50 Amp, GFCI protected,  service 240 V   4-wire system  2-hot's, 1-neutral, 1-ground
The ground can be number 10 gauge copper.
The two hots and neutral  need to be number 8 gauge copper.
The rating on the wire THHN/THWN in conduit.
(I recommend using number 6 gauge copper and you will be able to upgrade the spa to 60 amps if you decide later.)

(The Simple Provence series are normally 40 amp, but there is no 40 amp GFCI at present, so we recommend using a 50 amp GFCI/Disconnect which can handle from 20 to 50 amps protection) and a 40 amp breaker with Provence.)

If you use a sheathed cable (Romex) you need to go up one size because of the heat
retention of the sheathing and to be able to have the right size ground wire.  Home spas are rated as though the spa is a continuous operating item, although I have never seen one run for three hours solid with all the equipment running.

The standard is to place the GFCI/Disconnect no closer than 5 feet from the spa water line, measured horizontally, and no farther than 50 feet, in line of sight to the spa. ( Ask your local building official what they require for the disconnect means. Some are as close as 15 feet. )

If you run over 75 feet of wire go to the next size up on the power leads for voltage loss over the distance of the run. There is resistance in copper wire or any wire.

Place a standard two pole breaker, rated for either 40, 50 or 60 amps, depending on spa.
Run the wires in conduit (outside or inside) or romex (inside the home) to the GFCI/Disconnect.
WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING A GFCI BREAKER ON ANY SPA.  Instead use a proper GFCI device made for spas. Click Here for more information

Then run the wires to just out side the spa in solid conduit. Make a transition to
flex conduit just outside the spa.   Use a female to female adapter  female coupling, to
attach the flex to the solid conduit.  The longest lenght of flex would be 10 feet from the back side of the Fallsburg or Brookfield.

Leave a connector on the end of the flex conduit.
The flex needs to be water tight.   It can be the new Carlon Brand nonmetallic flex
liquid tight.  3/4 inch or 1 inch.

The control box on the spas are under the topside control.
For instance on the Springville, the control box is under the leg and foot
area of the lounge.
  Please note:   If you do not have the electrical assembley ready for our delivery, you will have to deal with doing the hook up and the start up of the spa. During the start up of the spa, you will then be responsible to check over the entire spa like any spa set up crew does.  We cannot return to do a set up on any spa.  Set up is a one time event.  If the unions are not set up with the gaskets or they are not tightened, because the spa was winterized to prevent freezing, you will have to take care of those issues.  Having the electrical ready is very important for a professional installation by our crew.  Once the crew is gone, you  are responsible for the care of the spa.   If you have any questions on the electrical assembly for your spa please contact us.