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More on Full Foam Spa Use

Many times our local repair and chemical/accessory customers who own other brands of spas want me to show them our spas. When I turn on the air jet system, sometimes I see their jaws drop, and a sort of sad look on their faces. The reason is because their spa has no air injectors. A well designed air injector therapy system is wonderful! I consider spas without air jets to not be real spas. After you buy a spa without air jets it is not a good time to ask about our spas. You're better off not asking unless you have enough money to trade in your spa. ( Some of my best referrals come from customers who own poorly designed spas)

In Spa Specialist spas, the air pump is located inside the thermo-loc area, where the heat from the jet pumps is warming the air. You can actually use the blower and not lose any heat. The air coming in is warmer than the spa water.
After a few minutes the air temperature inside the cabinet will go down. Of course, after about twenty minutes, the air will turn cold, but by then you are long done with the air therapy.

I use my air blower all of the time. I love the way it feels on my skin; invigorating! Just great!

In a full foam spa, the only place to locate the air pump is in the equipment area, which is vented to the outside. Some are located in the foam, and draw air from the equipment compartment through a tube.
When full foam spas run their air blower it destroys what little efficiency they have. All of the air is drawn in from the outside of the spa, which is always colder than the water temperature .

During the winter, these poor designs can reduce the water temperature by 1 degree every five minutes. The spa heater is now unable to keep the temperature up. All of those charts showing the "average use" of electricity are worthless with the blower running. This is why they "sell against air injectors". They don't work on their spas.

This is an excerpt from the booklet

"How Spas Are Made"


Air controls are valves which let air into the water jet stream. This increases the effectiveness of the water jets. You can adjust the intensity of the jet action by turning them up or down.

If you want to keep your electric bill down in a full foam spa , you must remember to close the air controls every time you leave the spa. This is written in their owner's manual. I don't think very many people remember to do this because it is often not brought up by the sales people, (just like freeze vulnerability) .

These poorly designed spas draw cold air into the water any time the air controls are open. This cools down the spa a great deal, causing the heater to work that much more and your electric bill to be even higher! (It is probably a good idea to leave them off all the time!)

As you may know, the best water occurring naturally on earth is at the bottom of a water fall, because it is full of oxygen.

People who have fish tanks are constantly pumping air into the tanks to freshen the water.

In a spa, the water is much more pleasant if you leave the air controls on. It oxygenates the water. This  makes the water smell really great.

Since the air controls in our spas are in the heated cabinet of the spa, and are at the top where the air is the warmest, you can leave them on all of the time. I do, and there is no measurable increase or decrease in my electric bill.

The water is great!! My friends compliment me on the water.

One of the major benefits along with the wonderful, marvelous therapy and just plain good feeling of the air jet system is the air itself.

When You Operate the air blower you are LETTING IN A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF AIR TO OXYGENATE AND FRESHEN the water. 

If you want to read the full version call 1-888-478-2224 and order your copy of "How Spas Are Made" $19.95e-book.; Do not buy a spa without reading it!! Even if you do not buy one of our spas, at least you will know what you are getting.

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