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The Haven Watertown is one of the most wonderful therapy machines on earth.
This is the "Hot Seat" or captains chair. With 17 jets, 14 fully adjustable and interchangeable water and 3 carefully positioned air jets, this seat rocks, just like the sister spa, the Springville's hot seat.
All of the new captains chairs have the new above water shut-off handle. When you move on you to another seat, you can quickly turn off all four above water neck and shoulder jets.  This also makes it so you can adjust the pressure to your liking with the same handle.
hot tub
hot tub
This is another view of the hot seat . There are two interchangeable wrist jets that can be changed to either "straight" or "spinner" jets.  The spinner wrist jets shown in this photo pulsate.  The large faced jets with all the holes are pulsators that break up the huge volume of water coming out into smaller rapid fire pulses.  You can change them into cyclone jets if you like.
This is the "Second Hot Seat" with above water neck blasters.  This photo shows three cyclone jets that we, (and our customers), just love.  We normally lighten up in the kidney area, because we do not like kidney blasters.  You can also adjust these water jets, as all the jets in this spa, to the intensity you like by either turning the face of the jet or turning the air controls up or down.  Our spas have a tremendous amount of adjustability from very intense to very light massage.    
hot tub
hot tub
This is the same seat with the cyclones removed and the pulsators installed in a matter of seconds. Notice the three air injectors.  By using a 9 hole air jet, we accomplish a lot of air therapy in three jets.  It is similar to having  27 individual little air jets. 
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