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How Spas Are Made, book by an international spa design engineer. If you ever wonder what a spa is supposed to look like, features and design ideas that last, this is the book you need. There is no other book written by anyone with such details and humor.  It is the 2008 version and is still up to date. Over 10,000 paper Copies sold at $21.95 now digital version only  $9.95
How Spas Are made

Order How Spas Are Made Booklet here: $9.95

Jed 103JED 103 Ozone Generator is one of the best values today for spa owners.  (Please Read About Ozone Generators)

JED 103 CORONA DISCHARGE OZONATOR.  The JED 103 is a CD or "corona discharge" type ozone generator designed for water purification in residential or commercial hot tubs, swim spas, fountains and lap pools up to 2500 gallons. It is typically installed in conjunction with a venturi injector or dedicated air jet. -Specifications- Ozone output: 0.1 grams per hour Input voltage – 120 VAC, 60 Hz (240 VAC, 60Hz units are special order marked accordingly) Operating current - 0.25 Amperes Power consumption - 30 Watts Dimensions - 5" x 5" x 2 ½" .This is a standard shipping price $9.96  charged at checkout, only shipped by ground to Continental US only (outside US we will bill for the shipping to your email before it ships).  This ozone generator is far superior to other companies we have used.  (you name it we've tried them and been disappointed)  We do not like the policy of  warranty by some old manufacturing date stamped on the unit,  whither the ozone is  or isn't  installed or used,  Instead of playing games with warranty dates, JED honors the warranty. $159.00  Sale Price! $86.95

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sophisticated shopping system we use.  It takes about 1 to 1.5 weeks from time of order to deliver for these JED's.  They are made to order and are not stocked on shelves for fast delivery. Each one has to be set up with the proper cord and voltage beforfe it can be sent.  If you need a tracking number please email and ask us.  Do not contact Pay Pal first. 
jed 003This is the Jed 003.  It puts out half the ozone of the 103 and is the same size.  It is needed where the body of water is smaller.
Because of its lower production it is higher priced than the 103.
Pick the cord below to use with it also?
Ozone output:  0.05 grams per hour
Input voltage – 120 VAC, 60 Hz (240 VAC, 60Hz units are marked accordingly)
Operating current - 0.125 Amperes
Power consumption - 15 Watts
Dimensions - 5" x 5" x 2 ½"

Order JED 103 Here:
Cord Type
Voltage 120 or 240
Cord Type
Voltage 120 or 240
Order Jed 003 Here:
Cord Type
Voltage 120 or 240

Cord Types: BM CMBEHSpadeAndRingSpade Pin Female

JED  Venturi Injector This is a modern device for injection ozone into spa water.  It produces very tiny ozone bubbles that mix well with spa water.  Check the size of tubing you have to make sure this is the correct size. Comes with clamps to attach to existing tubing either 3/4 inc or 1/2 inch sizes.  Normal price is $69.98  Sale Price $24.95
Order Venturi Injector:
Tubing Sizes

Haven Made pH Haven 3 LBS for up to 500 gallon spas. Lasts up to 6 months with Instant Ion system. 
Normally $33.95 
Sale Price $23.96
PH HAVEN(Package may look different)
"pH Haven" is Havenmade's pH buffer that helps to stop pH drift in hot tubs.  The only safe chemical treatment for hot tubs and spas. (compare to pH Magic, which is a fine product.)
Just pour it in at fill up after you get the pH to range 7.2 to 7.8.  Helps to hold the pH in line for weeks and weeks.
You can use this and HavenMade Alklinity Up and control your pH with the least effort and no harm to you or the spa.
This product is the only chemical we recommend for hot tubs that does not have any bad effects on the spa (like Rx's have bad side effects, this doesn't).  The liquid "perfect pH" products are notorious for precipitation of calcium and minerals all over the hot tubs plumbing and heater causing costly repairs.  We have had our customers go to a spa store and be sold on liquid pH balancers that have ruined many heaters. There is no stopping of misinformation in the hot tub industry. Because a product is made and sold as a pH stabilizer, does not mean it is always safe to use.  Use products that you understand.  We do not sell anything that has a percentage of "destruction" on heaters and ozone jets.  If you have extremely low mineral content in your water, a rare thing, then you can use other products.
This is a well known safe chemical that stops pH from rising. It will normally automatically  set and hold the pH at 7.4 to 7.5 and keep it there as long as the Total Alkalinity does not drop below 40 PPM.  You can literally go for weeks and have normal pH and only need to raise the Total Alkalinity with HavenMade Alk Up and never need to use pH Down or pH up; just a total alkalinity increaser. 
One bottle can be used for 500 gallons of spa water.   I put in two medium coffee mugs in our Moonbay spa with 220 gallons.  It is about 1.5 Lb of "ph Haven".

Order pH Haven 3LB:

pH Haven  in 2 LB size for smaller spas. 
Normally $23.69  Sale Price $16.99
pH Haven
"pH Haven" is Havenmade's pH buffer that helps to stop pH drift in hot tubs.  The only safe chemical treatment for hot tubs and spas. (compare to pH Magic, which is a fine product.) New size for up to 350 Gallon Spas.

Order pH Haven 2 LB:

HavenMade Instant Ions.  Enough for a year (if you keep your water balanced)  Normally $29.95  Sale Price $16.95
Free shipping on the second bottle.
(Compare to Clearwater Blue)
Instant IOnsWe now have a new size on the Instant Ions, 250ML, which is enough for a year if you take good care of your water's pH.
It is concentrated CuSO4 solution that makes your water clear and sweet, without harsh chemicals. This is the best water and is raved about by spa owners. 
Buy the original:
We are the original developer of all the ion systems for spas.  It is our research that led to others realizing the power of ions.  Our testing of this using bacterial culturing and severe testing proved this is one of the safest and most beneficial way to treat spa water. It is our data used in computer programs when you take your water into a pool store for testing.  This is the real deal on ions in spas.

Order Instant Ions Here:

LaMotteLaMotte  Copper Test kit.  This is one of the most accurate ways to test pool and spa water for copper levels. You put 10 ml test water in vial and add 5 drops "A" and 5 drops of "B"; wait and compare colors.  New Lower Price Was 24.95 now $19,95

Order LaMotte Copper Test Kit 

Aqua Check YelAquaCheck Yellow Test Strips 50count.  These are accurate enough for our standards.  Before the test strips were "perfected" to this point, we only recommended the Taylor Test kit and we still offer that.  These strips take care of Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and pH and Stabilizer.  $10.19

Order AquaCheck Yellow test strips

HavenMade "Alkalinity UP" 5 LB economy size.   Normally 21.95 our price is the lowest there is and is highest quality as well at $10.35
Alkalinity UP 5 LB

HavenMade Inc Alkalinity UP, same as "Spa Up",  "total alkalinity increaser", "Alkalinity UP".
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 5 LB in a heavy weight plastic bulk bag.  This is the least expensive form of this product.
HavenMade Alkalinity Up is the most concentrated Total Alkalinity increaser you can find anywhere!

 The same product is available in 2 Lbs Alk UP 2 Lb
Most spa stores sell it for 12.95 Sale price $8.49

Order 5 LB HavenMade Alkalinity UP:

Order 2 LB HavenMade Alkalinity UP:

HavenMade pH Down 2 Lb
HavenMade pH DownHavenMade pH Down. Lowers pH in spas and swimming pools.  (compare to Spa Down).  Sodium Bisulfate.  This is identical to any pH down used in spas and hot tubs.   Sodium Bisulfate IS the chemical used in pH Down, Spa Down, or any brand of pH lowering product. This is the highest and purest form of this product.  Normally $9.95 on sale for ridiculous price :) of $5.96

Order HavenMade pH Down 2 Lb:

Regal Dychlor II 2 LB.
Dichlor SpasRegal Dychlor II sanitizer 2 LB.  Dichlor has a stabilizer built in and has 53% effective chlorine so it is really concentrated. Normally $20.24  On sale now for $14.65

Order Regal Dy-chlor II
2 LB for $14.65


Shock SpasSea Klear Balanced Shock Oxidizer;   This is a non-chlorine shock we highly recommend for spas.  It shocks the water without raising total chlorine in a spa or pool.  This is a formula with
balancing agents to keep it from changing the pH of the spa water.  $16.95

Order Sea Klear Shock

Sea Klear Spa Clarifier 2 Lb
Sea Klear Natural Clarifier Sea Klear Clarifier Sea Klear Natural Clarifier is our favorite water clarifier. It is the only clarifier that works with the copper and silver ions or any of the ion treatments. Environmentally Natural product.  Use one ounce a week to keep the water clear. Normally $22.10  On Sale now for $15.25

Order Sea Klear Clarifier
Quart Size for $15.25

Water TiteUltima WaterTite One Quart is enough for 4 spas or one huge spa.  is a product used to stop small leaks in your spa.  This is best used on suction side or wall fitting leaks rather than pressure leaks that can move or open under pressure.  Also works in wooden tubs to seal along the seams.  Normally $32.96  now 25.95.   To use this remove the filters (the filters will be clogged if you don't and it wastes the product.) , Then run the filtering and jet pumps to insure it circulates everywhere.  I circulate this for overnight; then next day drain and refill.

Order Ultima WaterTite

Spa DefenderLeisure Time Spa Defender Especially designed to prevent scale formation in spas and hot tubs.  It stops minerals from depositing on your shell and equipment. It also aids in the use of instant ions because it holds the ions in the water.

Order Leisure Time defender

Eco One

Eco One® SPA monthly is the safe, nontoxic core of the Eco One® system that naturally solves most spa water treatment problems.

A little goes a long way. To sustain a spa that is so soft and safe your Grandma can use it is as easy as one bottle of SPA monthly every 30 to 45 days. It’s that easy!

Order Eco One Monthly

Eco One Monthly by the case for less cost and free shipping. Save $19.14 and get free shipping.

Order Eco One Monthly by the case Free Shipping

Eco One Pipe CleanerEco One Pipe Cleaner  This is a cleaner needed to prepare your spa for Eco One treatments.  Most spas, including new ones, have chemicals, compounds, and debris in the plumbing that need to be removed because they are adverse to the natural enzymes in Eco One. Thus you need to clean out the spa before you switch to Eco One. $15.95

Order Eco One Pipe Cleaner $15.95

Filter Cleanse 2LBGLB Filter Cleanse 2 LB  Best deep cleaner for spa and pool filter cartridges.  Reusable for up to 2 years if kept in bucket with lid (for safety).  This product must be stored away from children.

Order Filter Cleanse 2 LB $21.70

Haven Spas Filters for the Quad 200 Sq Ft models.
Haven Spas Filters bot 50
Bottom filter Requires 2 each so please select 2
Retail $79.96  Discounted to $44.22

Order Lower Quad 50 Filter cartridge 44.22

Haven Spas Filters for the Quad 200 Square foot models
Top Filter Requires 2 each so select 2 for the set.
Retail $79.96  Discounted to $44.22HavenSpasTop quad 50a
50Filter Top
Order Upper Quad 50 Filter cartridge 44.22

Taylor Reagents for the Taylor Test kits.
Alkalinity Test Green Bottles 3/4 oz.
Fits in the standard kits.
Taylor Test kit

Order Taylor Alkalinity reagents here.

Choose Reagent number

Taylor Reagents for the Taylor  Test Kits.
Red for testing pH. Fits the standard size kits 3/4 oz.

Order pH reagents Here

Choose Reagent number